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Preparing for your driving test in BC? Let us help you navigate better so you get it right the very first time. Most new drivers end up coming back without securing their N license because of nerves taking over. The key is to relax and avoid making a few common mistakes that cost you your license in British Columbia.

Firstly, carry all your documents – a valid ID, road test fee, valid insurance, registration documents and a vehicle that is in good condition for you to drive in. The vehicle should be insured, tires and all other car parts must be in good shape. There should be enough gas in the tank. The day before the test, watch what you eat and try to get sufficient sleep so you are mentally and physically fit to take the road test.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Make sure you have sufficient practice. If you don’t have access to a vehicle, call a driving school for lessons. Practice your 3-point turns, parallel parking, uphill and downhill parking, with curbs and without, entering and reversing into parking stalls. A great place to practice is in empty parking lots. Before the test, try to get familiar with the test area. Be alert about the stop signs, speed limits, all signals, the flow of traffic and school zones.

Proper Wheel Position

Hold the wheel properly: in the 10-2 or 9-3 positions. Make sure you are familiar with the road rules. Adhere to the speed limit. Never tailgate. Keep a healthy distance between cars; don’t cross solid lines; be mindful of signs, signals and railway crossings. Keep an eye on pedestrians at all times and observe school zones.

Complete Stop at Stop Signs

One of the most common mistakes in BC is not coming to a complete halt at stop signs. It is not enough to scan the intersection and roll through. Stop completely behind the line. Never brake too hard. Apply the brakes lightly to smoothly stop. Proceed after checking for traffic and pedestrians.

Lane Changes

Many new drivers get nervous during lane changes. It takes a good amount of practice to overcome anxiousness. Look in the side-view mirror, signal for a lane change, check the mirror again, look over your shoulder to check the blind spot and maintain your speed as you change lanes. Never drive over solid white lines or solid double yellow lines.

Stay Alert

Distracted driving can cost you in your driving test. Don’t bring your phone with you during your test to avoid the temptation to check it. Stay calm and focused. Check your mirrors often, even more often than your practice sessions. Constantly glance at the rear-view mirror and side mirror, especially before lane changes and turns. At four-way intersections, be vigilant. Let the car to the right go first if it arrives at the same time. Watch out for pedestrians and give them the right of way.

Driving at Correct Speed

You will be constantly assessed for observing the speed limit. Don’t drive over or considerably under the speed limit during your road test. It causes unsafe conditions for other drivers on the road. In rain, fog, traffic congestion, accidents, a school zone or construction zone, you need to drive with more caution and allow room.

Parallel Parking

While you are parallel parking, try not to bump the curb or hit other cars. Signal your intentions, take your time and make as many adjustments as you need to align the car neatly.

Merge Driving School, Port Coquitlam Area, BC

Whether you are a new driver or new to Canadian driving, a few lessons with professionals through a licensed driving training academy helps to prepare you for your N license. At Merge Driving School, we offer many different price packages on our driving lessons so you will always find the perfect deal for you. Give us a call to show you the way.