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Taking your driving test is a big and exciting step in becoming a regular driver on the road. If you practice a lot and are confident in your abilities, you will pass with flying colours. If you are feeling a little bit nervous about your test, don’t worry, a lot of testers feel the same. The main reason that people are not successful during their driving test is forgetting basic rules and techniques.

Before you head out for your driving exam, practice the following mistakes that people make during their test so you can avoid them yourself.


Parking, especially parallel parking, can be tricky to do when you have an administer watching your every move. A common mistake that people make is trying to park too fast in an attempt to prove that they have mastered the skill. Some people also rush because there are cars behind them and they don’t want to keep them waiting. No matter what situation you are in, never parallel park too quickly as you are more prone to make a mistake. When you are parking, take your time and breathe, this will calm your nerves and keep you focused on parking properly.

Another big mistake people make is not using their handbrake/emergency brake after parking successfully. You may not fail outright for forgetting this step, but you could lose valuable points, so always remember to use your emergency brake (and to take it off when you start driving again!).

Lane Changes

During your driving exam, the administrator may ask you to change lanes every so often. One of the biggest mistakes people make during their test is changing lanes in an intersection. In some places this maneuver is illegal, so be aware of where and when you are changing lanes. When you are changing lanes, move your head to show that you are looking at your mirrors and checking your blind spot. The administrator can’t see your eyes while you drive, so moving your head is a great way to indicate that you are looking where you are supposed to be looking.

Accelerating Through Recently Green Lights

When you are first to go through the light when it turns green again, your instinct may be to accelerate the moment the light changes. This is actually really dangerous to do. When the light changes, look both ways before accelerating to see if any oncoming traffic failed to stop at their red light. The few seconds it takes to check will help you pass your test and save you from getting into an accident in the future.

Feel Confident with Merge Driving School

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