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When we go to driving school, we all get taught first and foremost, how to drive and what the rules of the road are. We also get taught how to handle ourselves in stressful situations, such as what to do if we get into a car accident, or what to do when the car starts skidding. Unfortunately, most of us will leave driving school learning the basics of driving, and quickly forget what to do when faced with a hazard on the road, something that we regret when faced with one.

Here are some of the common hazards on the road, and how you can prevent them.

Skidding out of Control

If your car starts skidding on a wet surface and starts to spin out of control, the common rule is to “turn into the skid” but the rule can get confusing. Instead, when you go into a skid, take your foot off the gas, pick a focal point down the road and gently steer the car towards the point. Make sure to NOT oversteer or throw the wheel to the left and right, which can cause a rollover.

Also make sure to not slam on the brakes, because the car will skid even more.

Your Tires Blow out

If you are driving and then suddenly hear a loud boom then a couple of thumps like you’ve hit a speed bump, chances are, your tire has blown out. If this happens, try to remain in control of the car by holding your steering wheel firmly in both hands and taking your foot off the gas, allowing the car to naturally slow down. Turn on your hazard lights and navigate to a safe area on the road.


A lot of car collisions have been due to cars hitting an animal that unexpectedly crossed the road at an inopportune moment. These are one of the other main dangers on the road, since unlike humans, animals are a bit more oblivious as they usually are just going about their business…which may sometimes lead them into traffic. So if you are out driving, and know that animals are prone to prowl around, keep an eye out for any unexpected creatures that might pop up.


Pedestrians have the right of way over other vehicles. That’s the rule – vehicles are supposed to yield for pedestrians. Unfortunately, this can give pedestrians a false sense of security, and sometimes either the pedestrian or the driver is caught unawares. Sometimes pedestrians become a hazard when they step in traffic or choose to jaywalk, and a car cannot stop in time. A way to prevent this is to assume that pedestrians are everywhere and to always keep an eye out, even in moments when it seems like they will not cross the road.

When you are driving behind the wheel, it is important to watch out for these hazards and to also make sure that you yourself don’t pose a danger to others. We recommend taking a refresher course on defensive driving and learn about the ways you can stay safe on the road.

All credit goes to Merge Driving School